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Vinyl finishing is not only becoming increasingly popular with super yachts with large budgets but it is commonly becoming the everyday paint option for a lot of yacht owners. Compared with the cost of repainting, wraps are fantastically competitive, durable and long-lasting, allowing you to transform your vessel for a fraction of the cost of a spray job.


The self-adhesive vinyl used is hard-wearing, durable and will not fade or go cloudy like paint or gel-coat. It is also easy to clean and very easy to repair. The wrap protects your boat from the elements, including damaging UV rays. Our skilled team can quickly and easily wrap your boat. The bigger the vessel the greater the saving over traditional paint options. Typically, a wrap will cost a third of the price of paint or gel-coat.


Adding a bit of detail can give your yacht a unique look. With the use of specialty effect vinyls you can breathe a completely new look to your boat interior.


Protect from general wear and tear and scratches, eliminating paint damage.
Preserve - Help retain the residual value of your yacht by keeping it looking like new.
Optically clear – you won’t even know it’s there.
Extremely tough urethane vinyl film.
Non-slip – particularly handy when at sea.
Professionally applied by trained highly skilled vinyl fitters.
Removable and doesn't leave any residue or damage to surface beneath when removed or replaced.


Perfect, protect and maintain all internal and external surfaces of your yacht with Gtechniq Smart Surface Science. The performance benchmark for perfect, fully protected surfaces on yachts and aircrafts. Works around the clock and in all conditions, delivering deep gloss that's smarter, with EasyCare stain resistance built right in. Transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Gtechniq brings together:

  • In-depth knowledge of modern high performance paints and
  • Pioneering refinish & surface protection process
  • Cutting edge Nano-Composite materials


Antifouling is a physical barrier against fouling. By using specific short fibers, settlement of marine species like barnacles and mussels is prevented. Antifouling has a proven track record worldwide on static and moving objects. The working principle of antifouling is not based on leaching chemicals or toxic ingredients like regular marine paints do. Therefore antifouling has a long life time while conventional antifoulings degrades during time. Above all, antifouling is 100% environmental friendly.


  • Lower fuel costs
  • Consistant fuel consumption
  • Lifetime of at least 5 years
  • Works while moored and sailing
  • Easy to apply (no risk of interference with the environment) and no drying time
  • 100% environmental friendly (no paint removal, no volatile organic compounds)


A high-tech adhesive film to increase glide through water. Especially recommended for regattas and for faster boats.

Product with three benefits:

  • Increases glide speed
  • Protects the hull from impact;
  • Reduces fouling.

Pro-speed is a durable, three-layer, adhesive polymer film with a special fluoride polymer upper coating. This upper layer, which shows little sensitivity to Van der Waals forces, gives the film exceptional anti-drag properties that greatly reduce frictional resistance. Part of the fluoride polymers family, the upper coating is the first factor contributing to better gliding. The second positive factor is the use an adhesive film rather than paint. The film is light and more stable than paint, preserves intact the key active ingredient of the fluoride polymer, in its smoothest configuration, across its entire surface.